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Remembering the Presidio of San Francisco Fire Department

1917 - 2010


A site dedicated to the origins, history and closure of the Presidio Fire Department.


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Overview The Presidio Fire Department was established in 1917 and provided fire prevention, fire su...
Battalion 11, Engine 51, Truck 51, Medic 51 5/5 - August 27th, 2010.
A detailed history of General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing presented by the Pershing Rifles Charlie Company.
Presidio Fire Department commemorative coin.
2010 Roster
Overview A listing of the men and women who served as members of the Presidio Fire Department from ...
Overview The Main Post Fire Station is located in Building 218 (218 Lincoln Blvd) and was construct...
Overview The Presidio Fire Department operated fire stations located throughout the Golden Gate are...
July 2007 Budget Status of Funds
The library contains a collection of user-provided documents. If you have documents you wish to con...


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